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"lobed" meaning  "lobed" in Chinese  
  1. Its leaves are lobed instead of divided like other fall anemones.
  2. These traits were shared with many early lobed-finned fishes.
  3. The flowers are white, with a four-lobed corolla.
  4. The five-lobed leaves also look like halberds or daggers.
  5. The genus includes leaves are spirally arranged, and palmately lobed.
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  7. Streptocarpus flowers are five-lobed, salverform, zygomorphic tubes.
  8. The leaves are not folded, but are lobed or divided.
  9. It is easy to germinate, having two-lobed dicotyledons.
  10. Flowers are fused and lobed at the tip of the tube.
  11. Note the 6-lobed flower also has 6 perigone lobes.
  12. The sepals are bluntly lobed and coated thickly in glandular hairs.
  13. The leaves are palmately lobed and roughly shaped like a hand.
  14. They are spikey and lobed, somewhat similar to the holly.
  15. Each leaf is divided into a few lobed or toothed leaflets.
  16. Bowls and dishes often have " lobed or indented rims ".
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