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  1. "? " controls the tradeoff between main-lobe width and side-lobe area.
  2. The penalty for doing this is, either, an increase in main lobe width, or an increase in bandwidth requirements.
  3. Variable parameter " ? " determines the tradeoff between main lobe width and side lobe levels of the spectral leakage pattern.
  4. The main lobe width, in between the nulls, is given by 2 \ sqrt { 1 + \ alpha ^ 2 }, in units of DFT bins, and a typical value of " ? " is 3.
  5. For orders greater than 1, the Rife Vincent window coefficients can be optimized for class II, meaning minimized main-lobe width for a given maximum side-lobe, or for class III, a compromise for which order 2 resembles Blackmann's window.
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