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  1. A band of devoted followers willing to abandon their earlier lives.
  2. We as a society are starting to live for the occasion,
  3. We've lived an old-timey life ."
  4. How can the government expect me to live, to eat.
  5. Could you say again please how long I have to live?
  6. It's difficult to find live in a sentence.
  7. A well-cared-for creature can live a decade.
  8. But you go on, you learn to live with it.
  9. He lived in style and wanted to go out in style.
  10. A lot of people out there are scared for their lives.
  11. "I love to live, " he said.
  12. Families would come and live on the beach for the summer.
  13. No radios, just real, live human voices, singing.
  14. But there are places where old-fashioned lemonade still lives.
  15. I said, ` I can't live without you.
  16. By television standards, live courtroom coverage is a primitive business.
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