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  1. In there was 1 live birth and 2 deaths of Swiss citizens.
  2. The current world average MMR is 430 per 100, 000 live births.
  3. Its infant mortality rate stood at 203 deaths for every live births.
  4. In there were no live births to or deaths of Swiss citizens.
  5. In there were 2 live births to Swiss citizens and 1 death.
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  7. That year, 115 Cambodian babies died for every 1, 000 live births.
  8. In 2006, Canadian clinics reported a live birth rate of 27 %.
  9. IVF attempts in multiple cycles result in increased cumulative live birth rates.
  10. In 1970, C-sections made up 5 . 5 percent of live births.
  11. It is estimated to affect 1 in 40, 000 live births worldwide.
  12. The abnormality occurs in 1 in 500, 000 live births in humans.
  13. Some animal cloners achieve up to three live births for every hundred eggs.
  14. The same is true for Italy, which had more deaths than live births.
  15. _Quadruplet and larger births are estimated at 16 per 100, 000 live births.
  16. The government tracked live births, legal abortions, spontaneous abortions and stillbirths.
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