live a lie in a sentence

"live a lie" meaning  "live a lie" in Chinese  
  1. He lived a lie . ( Jefferson, Palm Beach Post ) MOVED.
  2. But wasn't the general living a lie and committing the same crimes?
  3. He's basically living a lie, which I point out to him subtly.
  4. But in the balance, it's much better than living a lie ."
  5. To live a lie, sometimes you have to sleep in your car.
  6. It's difficult to find live a lie in a sentence.
  7. I was living a lie and that wasn't good for anyone ."
  8. You either have to quit the business, or live a lie.
  9. Jenny and Marty concur, but Rebecca says she's tired of living a lie.
  10. Living a lie is the only way homosexuals can serve in the military.
  11. But friends say that Dr . Reddy was living a lie.
  12. I felt like I was living a lie, " said Patti, who is 38.
  13. Susan, you will be living a lie the rest of your life . "'
  14. Eventually, Katie is fed up with living a lie and plans to leave Andy.
  15. I just decided I needed to quit living a lie.
  16. I'm not going to live a lie, " she said.
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