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  1. Newly converted pagans mixed pre-Christian celebrations with Christmas liturgy.
  2. Her quotes of the changing words sung in liturgy are haunting:
  3. Out of the huddle wafted this liturgy from a tortured soul:
  4. This is an event for which there is no established liturgy,
  5. Ayres says that about 120 to 140 regularly attend the liturgy.
  6. It's difficult to find liturgy in a sentence.
  7. There was no liturgy, no standard prayers repeated every week.
  8. Worshippers sat in straight-back chairs for this first liturgy.
  9. His voice at times sounded weak as he read the liturgy.
  10. They attend Mass in Latin, using a liturgy Rome abolished.
  11. Medieval Scandinavian liturgies feature Augustine of Canterbury quite often, however.
  12. Though practice and liturgy were modified, it was decidedly restrained.
  13. The entire congregation participates in and offers the liturgy to God.
  14. As Christian liturgy developed, processions became part of the proceedings.
  15. Eastern-rite Catholics also accepts icons in their Divine Liturgy.
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