liturgy of st james in a sentence

  1. All of them have been composed following the model of Liturgy of St James.
  2. The oldest surviving Christian liturgy, the Liturgy of St James, uses this epithet.
  3. The more ancient text of the Basilean family of anaphoras was found in 1960 in a Anaphora of St . James included in the Liturgy of St James.
  4. The Liturgy of St James is the principal liturgy of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Syrian Catholic Church, Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, Maronite Church, and Malankara Orthodox Church.
  5. In the Byzantine form of the Liturgy of St James, the priest celebrant says : " This do in remembrance of me; for as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do show forth the Lord's death, and confess His resurrection, till He comes . " The people respond : " We show forth Thy death, O Lord, and confess Thy resurrection ."
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  7. Between then and 1764, when a more formal revised version was published, a number of things happened which were to separate the Scottish Episcopal liturgy more firmly from either the English books of 1549 or 1559 . First, informal changes were made to the order of the various parts of the service and inserting words indicating a sacrificial intent to the Eucharist clearly evident in the words, " we thy humble servants do celebrate and make before thy Divine Majesty with these thy holy gifts which we now OFFER unto thee, the memorial thy Son has commandeth us to make; " secondly, as a result of Bishop Rattray's researches into the liturgies of St James and St Clement, published in 1744, the form of the invocation was changed.

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