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  1. A liturgist is a lay employee who specializes in church readings.
  2. The liturgist may be either an ordained minister or a layman.
  3. He became the principal liturgist and " Pillar of Apostles ".
  4. The origin of Compline has given rise to considerable discussion among liturgists.
  5. A prolific author and passionate Liturgist he died on 16 June 1971.
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  7. They are great liturgists and great pastors.
  8. Liturgists argue over music all the time.
  9. He was a great liturgist, a great preacher, had a great singing voice.
  10. This century, however, Roman Catholic liturgists have added the resurrection as a station.
  11. Wolf serves on several national committees and is the liturgist for the House of Bishops.
  12. This faculty was to serve as a center for forming liturgists to serve throughout Asia.
  13. It is held in part by Milanese liturgists and many others whose opinion is of weight.
  14. He was also a theologian, liturgist, orator, professor, ecumenist, and author.
  15. Those who were serving, or had previously served, as liturgists also had temporary exemptions.
  16. Mrs . Iliff, 46, who serves as a liturgist and Bible study leader, agreed.
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