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  1. In 1943 the " Centre National de Pastorale Liturgique " was founded and the magazine " La Maison-Dieu " began publication.
  2. One staggering example is Herbert von Karajan's performance of Honegger's Third Symphony, the wartime " Liturgique, " with the Berlin Philharmonic.
  3. He has also been in charge of improvisation courses in Paris at the Centre d Action Liturgique et Musical ( 1985-1988 ) and at the Conservatoire Erik Satie du 7e arrondissement.
  4. He is not quite as convincing in Honegger's Second and Stravinsky's Concerto in D, but the " Liturgique " is scarily good by itself ( 447435-2 ).
  5. He ended his career with the choir in 1962 with the St Matthew Passion in Strasbourg and " Les Cris du Monde " and the Symphonie Liturgique by Honegger at the Festival of Zurich.
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  7. The " Symphonie Liturgique " has strong thematic similarities with Benjamin Britten's " Sinfonia da Requiem " written in 1940, although it is in no sense imitative or a reworking of the earlier piece.
  8. Born in Rambouillet, he published many works on the history of Dauphin? e . g . the Le Monestier ( 1884 ), the inventories and several collections of archives of the dauphins of Viennais, and a " Biblioth鑡ue liturgique " in six volumes ( 1893 1897 ), the third and fourth volumes of which constitute the " Repertorium hymnologicum ", containing more than 20, 000 articles.
  9. The 1994-1995 season was the first thematically programmed one for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the theme was music composed during World War II or about World War II or by composers affected by World War II . The survey missed a few masterpieces, like Honegger's " Symphonie liturgique, " which is dedicated to former BSO music director Charles Munch, and Tippett's " A Child of Our Time, " but it also turned up some worthy works that are virtually unknown, like Ervin Schulhoff's Concerto for String Quartet with Wind Orchestra and Hans Krasa's Symphony for Small Orchestra.

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