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  1. It was, however, in sacramental theology, liturgiology, and notably ecclesiastical music that Gerbert was mainly interested.
  2. Among the parts published are sections on agriculture, liturgiology, tactics, and medicine ( including veterinary practise ) ."
  3. Since the introduction of a graduate programme in church music at the Academy in 1983, he has also taught within the fields of liturgiology and hymnody.
  4. He wrote on " classical literature, medieval and modern Latin . . . Coptic, hagiography and liturgiology, palaeography and bibliography, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, wine and food ".
  5. Neale considered that the Ambrosian Rite was a Romanized form of this Hispano-Gallican-or Ephesine Rite; he never brought much evidence for this view, being generally contented with stating it and giving a certain number of not very convincing comparisons with the Mozarabic Rite ( Essays on Liturgiology, ed . 1867, 171-197 ).
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  7. According to Ephrem, Boswell mistranslates, misinterprets, and tendentiously organizes texts, and his " knowledge of Orthodox liturgiology is, in effect, non-existent . " With regard to Boswell's central claim to have found evidence for the use of wedding crowns in the rite for making brothers, Ephrem notes that what the relevant text says, " somewhat literally translated, " is this : " It is inadmissible for a monk to receive [ " anadochos " is a standard Greek word for'godparent'] children from holy baptism, or to hold marriage crowns or to make brother-makings . [ 150 : 124 ] " In other words, " monks are forbidden to do the following : 1.

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