little in a sentence

"little" meaning  "little" in Chinese  
  1. Settling the teasing with other kids was a little more difficult.
  2. They were mainly famous for providing much labor and little therapy.
  3. We all know the real story is a little bit different.
  4. "She's a little hard to be around.
  5. The book is a wealth of little-known Daytona trivia.
  6. It's difficult to find little in a sentence.
  7. Your honor, it seems like a little bit of grandstanding,
  8. So far, there is little indication that it intends to.
  9. So we kind of figured there was a little omen there.
  10. Finally, Pyles likes the flavor of the shriveled little fellows.
  11. My own little preliminary trial, as portable as a picnic!
  12. It is a little piece of architecture fashioned from corrugated fiberglass.
  13. Right now, only the little priest can make me stay,
  14. "They're my three little devils,"
  15. Kidd and her weekly gig at the cafe need little introduction.
  16. Of course, as always, statistics CAN fib a little.
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