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  1. Liszka said, adding that there had been heavy fog along the way.
  2. Liszka Jozsef ( 2003 ) : " The squires of Reca formed an individual group in the Matyusfold region.
  3. Liszka said high-tech benign weapons could be in use within five years, though they won't make conventional weapons obsolete.
  4. Pope says his imprisonment could have ended right away if Kiely, Hettche, Associate Director Ed Liszka and the Penn State administration had spoken up for him, the paper said.
  5. We need to give them the new tools to accomplish those missions, " said Edward Liszka, director of the new Institute for Non-Lethal Defense Technologies at Penn State University.
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  7. ""'The Alaska Quarterly Review " "'is a biannual literary journal founded in 1980 by Ronald Spatz and James Liszka at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
  8. Vittorio Orio and Enzo Liszka set off from Dover on the south coast of England at 6 a . m . A little over seven hours later, they arrived in Calais, 22 miles away.
  9. In 2008, when asked about same-sex civil unions, First Cabinet of Donald Tusk spokeswoman Agnieszka Liszka answered : " Council of Ministers did not and would not take care of that matter ."
  10. One of the plaintiff's attorneys, Carl Mayer, said later that he and his colleagues Bruce Afran and Zachary J . Liszka were considering bringing contempt of court charges over what he called an apparent disregard for the court injunction.
  11. In 2016, consumer class action attorneys Zachary J . Liszka and Carl J . Mayer filed class actions in New York and New Jersey against Dunkin'Donuts and their franchisees on behalf of a class of plaintiffs alleging that the company and its franchisees were unlawfully surcharging customers in the guise of a sales tax on certain items.
  12. Scott Correa, Rodney Garcia ( Co-Captain ), Andres Garzon, William Gomez, Frank Jacome, Sebastian Jacome, Johnny Liszka, Jeff Lopez ( Co-Captain ), Dahcell Ramos-Malo, Jay Palese, Johnny Pandilla, Geovanny Sanchez, Sandro Sanchez, Edgar Santamaria, Roberto Tacuri, Juan Torres, Johnny Vasco
  13. "' Art in General "'is a non-profit contemporary art exhibition space in NYC . Founded in 1981 by artists Martin Weinstein and Teresa Liszka, Art in General s mission is to assist artists with the production and presentation of new work, changing in response to artists needs and informing and engaging the public about their work.

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