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  1. The jaguars and leopard are on the federal endangered species list.
  2. What does surprise is a name on the list of producers.
  3. The humor of the decor follows through on the wine list.
  4. Ten of the titles on the 1978 list are still there.
  5. That is why some titles list no specific price or publisher.
  6. It's difficult to find list in a sentence.
  7. There is a very small list of older women movie stars,
  8. The list reads like a Who's Who in theater.
  9. A more complete list of bands will be released next week.
  10. Each evening he lists stores he will visit the next day.
  11. But first, a few words on reading lists in general.
  12. Baggio is not alone on the injured list for the Italians.
  13. To subscribe to the list, send e-mail to listproc
  14. Nick Nolte adds another to his list of fast-faders.
  15. We've got a few suggestions in the list below.
  16. It's a wish list for frustrated sociologists ."
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