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  1. Using software known as list servers, Cassingham set up his subscription service.
  2. -- Advertising should appear only in designated news groups and list servers.
  3. After problems with that mailing list server, the scifaiku list moved to Yahoo!
  4. Anyone ( users and interested nonusers ) may subscribe to the list server.
  5. Many devices use either proprietary vendor-specific station list servers or dedicated directory services.
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  7. The list server is maintained at the University of Sydney.
  8. Some list servers also allow people to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change preferences through a web-based interface.
  9. LIMDEP supports a list server based discussion group.
  10. The list server could automatically unsubscribe bouncing recipients.
  11. That's where they list server etc problems.
  12. The primary source is not the blog post, its ANE 2 discussion list, a monitored academic list server.
  13. Yahoo ate the mailing list server OneGroups, for example; now competitor Topica is almost out of the market.
  14. Apparently, incidental to the installation of the new mailing list server, the posts in the archive have been renumbered.
  15. 2000 The Swedish Museum of Contemporary Art ( SMUFSA ), as well as our first own web and list server, opened.
  16. The discussions were public as in a list server but with a privacy innovation the participants'names and email addresses were anonymized.
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