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  1. Former World champion Gianni Bugno won the Coppa Agostoni at Lissone Wednesday.
  2. That sounds good to Said Lissone, a 10th-grader at Riverview High.
  3. Former World champion Gianni Bugno won the Coppa Agostoni at Lissone Wednesday . ( pv)
  4. Lissone is from Milan, which is the capital of the region to which the municipality belongs.
  5. Muggi?borders the following municipalities : Lissone, Desio, Monza, Nova Milanese, Cinisello Balsamo.
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  7. Her club, GAL Lissone, also won the Serie A1 Scudetto for the second consecutive year.
  8. The municipality of Lissone had a population of 32, 177 inhabitants according to the results of the national census made in 1991.
  9. Lissone has a population of 42, 474 inhabitants and an area of thus showing a population density of 4, 719 inhabitants per square kilometre.
  10. In 1958 he earned " Lissone Prize " and joined Venezia Biennale with an own room, winning the " Prampolini Prize ".
  11. In 1949, went to Pro Lissone, and then finish in Monza Soccer team with whom he won the championship of the C series coming to Serie B.
  12. William Crozier represented the UK and Ireland overseas, and was awarded the Premio Lissone in Milan in 1958 and the Oireachtas Gold medal for Painting in Dublin in 1994.
  13. Races intended to test the form of Italian cyclists who may be selected for the world championships continue with the Coppa Agostoni at Lissone Wednesday and the Coppa Bernocchi at Legnano Thursday . ( pv)
  14. His were the first two abstract paintings bought by the House of Art ( Haus der Kunst ), Munich's main museum for modern art . 1956 he received a cultural scholarship from the German Industry Association, 1957 he was invited to the Premio Lissone, 1962 he won the Seerosen-Preis ( Lotus Prize ) together with Edgar Ende and three other artists.
  15. Vald閟 has received various awards, including the Lissone and Biella in Milan in 1965; the silver medal in the second International Prints Biennial in Tokyo; an award from the Bridgestone Art Museum in Lisbon; the Alfons Roig Award in Valencia; the National Award for the Fine Arts in Spain; a medal from the biennial International Festival of the Plastic Arts in Baghdad; and in 1993 the Medal of the Order of Andr閟 Bello in Venezuela.
  16. Group exhibitions, innumerable since his participation in the 1961 " Premio Lissone ", include the shows connected with Arte Povera ( 1967 1971, 1984 85, 1997, 2001 02 ), the main international exhibitions of Italian art and many of the most significant shows dedicated to artistic development in the second half of the 20th century ( for example : " Vitalit?del negativo ", Rome 1970; " Contemporanea ", Rome 1973; " Projekt'74 ", Cologne 1974; " Europe in the Seventies ", Chicago and touring through the United States 1977 78; " Westkunst ", Cologne 1981; "  60'80': Attitudes / concepts / images ", Amsterdam 1982; " An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture ", New York City 1984; " The European Iceberg ", Toronto 1985; " Transformations in Sculpture ", New York City 1985; " Bilderstreit ", Cologne 1989; " 1965 1975 : Reconsidering the Object of Art ", Los Angeles 1995; " The Last Picture Show : Artists Using Photography, 1960 82 ", Minneapolis and touring 2003 05 ).

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