lisson grove in a sentence

  1. The artist Hackney and Lisson Grove were admitted ".
  2. She is then imprisoned at Lisson Grove with the support of a widow and two daughters.
  3. His last years were spent at Lisson Grove, London, where he died 10 June 1815.
  4. JOE : The first time I saw Mick and Paul we were all in Lisson Grove labour exchange.
  5. On 8 April 1857, Henry James Richter died at his home at 101 Lisson Grove, London.
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  7. Lisson Grove is a more recent usage clearly following the renaming of the road that passes above the tunnel.
  8. After the First World War dining rooms at 35 Lisson Grove became a fish bar, called the Sea Shell from 1964.
  9. The band is only known to have performed once, before a small invited audience in a church hall in Lisson Grove, London.
  10. Lisson Grove, a residential area which urbanised as London expanded northwards in the 19th century, was designated a conservation area in 1990.
  11. Following World War One, Lloyd George announced " homes fit for heroes " leading to a housing boom from which Lisson Grove was to benefit.
  12. They lived first in rented furnished lodgings in Lisson Grove, London, then moved to a house in Kensington ( which Cope himself had commissioned ) in 1841.
  13. The Committee soon organised two venues for regular distribution of alms : the White Raven tavern in Mile End and the Yorkshire Stingo, in Lisson Grove, Marylebone.
  14. "' Gateway Academy "'( formerly Gateway Primary School ) is a academy status, located in Lisson Grove area of Westminster, London, England.
  15. It included the areas Marylebone, Regent's Park, St John's Wood, and Lisson Grove, along with the western part of the district of Fitzrovia.
  16. He did not exhibit at the academy after 1834, and in 1835 he exhibited the works which remained at his studio in Lisson Grove prior to their sale by auction.
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