lisson gallery in a sentence

  1. The Kapoor show is at the Lisson Gallery through March 7.
  2. Li Yuan-chia moved to London in 1965 where he exhibited with David Medalla and later at the Lisson Gallery.
  3. Next comes the work in Kassel and I was taken on by Metro Pictures in New York and Lisson Gallery in London.
  4. In 2000, he moved to London, prompted by the Lisson Gallery, where he has had several exhibitions since then.
  5. After moving to Germany in the late 1977 Cragg had several solo exhibitions including Lisson Gallery, London ( 1979 ); L黷zozstr.
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  7. For an installation at the Lisson Gallery he created a flock of books suspended by wire from the gallery s ceiling in 1995.
  8. The same year Lisson Gallery brought diaspora artist Anish Kapoor's sculptures to India for the first time at the art fair.
  9. This body of work has been exhibited in'Burst'at the Lisson Gallery, Milan, in 2013 along other exhibitions.
  10. Many new faces are also represented by galleries now, notably Jay Jopling's White Cube and Nicholas Logsdail's Lisson Gallery.
  11. Within a couple of years, the Lisson Gallery in London and Metro Pictures had taken on Oursler and he was an established figure.
  12. Shawky's works can be found in numerous public collections, most notably : the UK . He is represented by Lisson Gallery.
  13. His new works, made of Italian alabaster, are at the Lisson Gallery, one of London's most consistently adventurous exhibition spaces.
  14. I liked a free-spirited video survey at a mostly gutted five-story building in Covent Garden rented by the excellent Lisson Gallery.
  15. FINALLY : Spanish conceptual artist Santiago Sierra's latest installation, at the Lisson Gallery of London, is Space Closed by Corrugated Metal.
  16. Four SPAs : Andrewplissongallery unambiguously declares a COI : " I am editing this article on behalf of Lisson Gallery at the request of Richard Deacon.
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