linking in a sentence

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  1. It was the first testimony directly linking McMahon to steroid use.
  2. A . There is no regular service linking these two cities.
  3. Linking the Jewish holiday and " Universal Mother,"
  4. Jesse Jackson for linking the Christian Coalition with Nazis and slavery.
  5. "I'm linking people, putting money together.
  6. It's difficult to find linking in a sentence.
  7. No evidence linking the phones to cancer has ever been documented.
  8. They get in the way of linking up with Serbia proper.
  9. He said many HMOs have been approaching it about linking up.
  10. Burlington also will buy routes linking its Oregon lines with California.
  11. Mothers and children stood together, arms crossed, linking hands.
  12. More and more pharmaceutical companies are linking up with biotech firms.
  13. "What's also linking it together is communications.
  14. Kyl said there was no evidence linking Babbitt to the lease.
  15. Prosecutors said they found no evidence linking him to the scandal.
  16. Linking schools to the information superhighway is a popular political platform.
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