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  1. For years, Microsoft has promoted a system called OLE, or Object Linking and Embedding.
  2. In general terms the concept was very similar to Microsoft's Object Linking and Embedding system.
  3. To understand it, you need to know something about OLE _ Object Linking and Embedding.
  4. Drafix also took advantage of Windows Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ) prior to any Autodesk product.
  5. Because that sounds like Object Linking and Embedding . talk ) 03 : 40, 20 November 2009 ( UTC)
  6. It's difficult to find linking and embedding in a sentence.
  7. It became available on Microsoft Windows with the introduction of Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ) in 1990.
  8. There is one common automation tool out there already, and it's called OLE [ Object Linking and Embedding ] ."
  9. They are MCI and OLE . MCI stands for media control interface and OLE stands for object linking and embedding.
  10. DDE was partially superseded by Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ), but remains used for simple interprocess communication tasks.
  11. Microsoft has developed a system called Object Linking and Embedding, which goes by the acronym OLE ( pronounced o-LAY ).
  12. All the Office 2000 applications support Object Linking and Embedding ( OLE ) which allows moving data automatically between various programs.
  13. Cyberjack is a brand new suite of Internet access programs that makes great use of Windows 95's Object Linking and Embedding capabilities.
  14. And, with OLE, or object linking and embedding, Visio Home can be used with other programs to create just about any document.
  15. Microsoft's alternative to Open Doc, by the way, is called Active X, which used to be called Object Linking and Embedding, or Ole.
  16. Microsoft Access 2007 also introduced File Attachment field, which stored data more efficiently than the OLE ( Object Linking and Embedding ) field.
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