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  1. First Presbyterian is a lineal descendant of Hollister's group.
  2. Lewis won the lineal championship by defeating Shannon Briggs in 1998.
  3. During both those reigns, he also held the lineal championship.
  4. He was the Lineal Flyweight Champion for six months in 1984.
  5. He has held the lineal flyweight titles from 2014 to 2016.
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  7. The total lineal part for the whole system is 35151 m.
  8. Through this marriage, the Randolphs were lineal descendants of Pocahontas.
  9. The ceremony was attended by four lineal descendants of Roger Williams.
  10. For human remains, claimants must show lineal descendancy or cultural affiliation.
  11. We focused on the lineal descendants of Rene De Gas.
  12. However, Foreman continued to be recognized as the Lineal Heavyweight Champion.
  13. Watanabe also became the first lineal champion in the division.
  14. Having been promoted by the WBA to lineal middleweight titles.
  15. In 1847, Smith announced that he was the new lineal succession.
  16. Assault Pioneers are lineal descendents of the Commonwealth infantry units.
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