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  1. El-Limby here decides to bring back his father s job and sell sandwiches on the streets.
  2. The movie ends with the neighborhood standing up for El-Limby for what he s done for them by being kind and helpful.
  3. The idea of making the movie originally came from the part that Saad played as a minor character where he played a homeless child that was crazily funny, and his name was El-Limby.
  4. One of four children of Martin Forster, a bank clerk and his wife Ann Hope Limby, he schooled at Dane Hill House ( or Boulden's ), Margate and in 1888 went to Finsbury Technical College to pursue his interest in chemistry.
  5. He doesn't hesitate to take a loan that goes up to 20, 000 EGP to get his moving cart started that's late father used to work on . and surprisingly, their financial state starts improving, up until the police show up again to destroy his cart and confiscate it as El-Limby falls into a terrible debt in clearing the loan that he once took.
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