limbuses in a sentence

"limbuses" in Chinese  
  1. The human cornea borders with the sclera via the corneal limbus.
  2. Many Limbus were either executed or chased away from their motherland.
  3. In the olden days, the Limbus were skilled in silk farming.
  4. The limbus foss?ovalis denotes the free margin of the septum secundum.
  5. To Limbus, genealogy is very important before conducting marriages.
  6. It's difficult to find limbuses in a sentence.
  7. Limbus practice many of their own life cycle rituals.
  8. Inflammation and thickening of the conjunctiva is observed, especially at the limbus.
  9. A big battle took place among the Limbus themselves at the Nigrum battlefield.
  10. They became known as Madhesia Kirant people, or Limbus of Kashi Gotra.
  11. The Limbus did not want to stay back there.
  12. Other planets in Sender One include Sunder, Hephaestus, Democratus, and Limbus.
  13. When they saw other Limbus fighting from the Sikkimese side, they challenged them.
  14. Kirat Limbus with their own name and tradition.
  15. Limbus Press has an unlisted telephone number and could not immediately be reached for comment.
  16. The limbus contains stem cells, which are factories that produce various types of cells.
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