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  1. Photographs of the wounded show multiple limb injuries and wheelchair-using patients.
  2. Skiers are more likely to have lower limb injuries, such as broken legs.
  3. The soldier sustained " serious, but not critical, lower limb injuries,"
  4. He said there were several people with limb injuries and said one woman may have died.
  5. He said there were several people with limb injuries, and he said one woman may have died.
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  7. It is designed to provide rigid support during movement of a person with suspected spinal or limb injuries.
  8. Authorities at the port of Cherbourg, France, said three people suffered limb injuries during the scuffle for lifeboats.
  9. The three suffered minor facial, skull and limb injuries but none of them required hospital treatment, Nirudkar said.
  10. It is also believed that insufficient core stability can result in lower back pain and lower limb injuries . l.
  11. A 13-year-old girl is still in hospital and is expected to have surgery on a lower limb injury.
  12. The most common injury for an Australian rules player is a lower limb injury, accounting for about 60 % of all injuries.
  13. The soldier sustained " serious, but not critical, lower limb injuries, " force spokesman Maj . Simon Haselock said.
  14. The use of thrombolysis is well known to improve outcomes in patients suffering from a myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolus, stroke and ischemic limb injury.
  15. Meanwhile a U . S . Special Forces soldier was hospitalized in Germany in stable condition with back and limb injuries after he fell down a well in central Afghanistan.
  16. The autopsy showed that Kennedy's only limb injury was a fractured right wrist and that he had almost no injuries on his face, except for a few lacerations.
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