limb development in a sentence

  1. Retinoic acid is a hormone that signals limb development in metamorphosing frogs.
  2. Angiogenesis is critical during limb development of the foetus.
  3. Some were physical, affecting muscle and limb development, cardiac strength and balance.
  4. This is similar to the embryonic apical ectodermal ridge, which forms during normal limb development.
  5. One of the most important functions of the FGF receptors ( FGFR ) is in limb development.
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  7. The "'limb bud "'is a structure formed early in limb development.
  8. There are three Gli factors that are essential for limb development : Gli1, Gli2 and Gli3.
  9. His research interests focus on vertebrate limb development, evolutionary novelties, 3D based imaging tools in developmental biology.
  10. :I believe the HOX genes are unusual in that respect due to the nature of their distinction in limb development.
  11. Two independent research programs concluded that some mutations are caused by parasitic flatworms that invade the tadpole stage and modify limb development.
  12. Some fruit trees have strong apical dominance, and young trees can become " leggy ", with poor side limb development.
  13. This is the case with the signal for left-heartedness : Its discovery emerged from the apparently unrelated area of limb development.
  14. Studies on the mouse homolog suggested a function in bone morphogenesis and limb development through the sonic hedgehog ( SHH ) signaling pathway.
  15. As if nature's machinery was not already complex enough, researchers have found that other genes are also involved in limb development.
  16. Mundlos said it was not yet clear how his group's results on limb development were related to the recent findings about BMPs.
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