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  1. Affected fetuses develop pulmonary hypoplasia, limb deformities, and characteristic facies.
  2. :: Limb deformities routinely occur but it is adaptation that drives evolution of species.
  3. "' Heart-hand syndromes "'are a group of rare diseases that manifest with both heart and limb deformities.
  4. Researchers say the new fungus is unlikely to be related to the limb deformities in Minnesota frogs.
  5. Deficiency of riboflavin during pregnancy can result in birth defects including congenital heart defects and limb deformities.
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  7. As many as 90 percent of the flies'offspring emerged with oddly-shaped wings, strange bristle configurations and limb deformities.
  8. Swollen joints limit movement, and arthritis may lead to limb deformities, ankylosis, malformed bones, flail joints, and stubby fingers.
  9. Given to pregnant women in Europe and Canada to treat morning sickness, thalidomide caused severe limb deformities in thousands of infants.
  10. The main service offered at the school is that of correcting limb deformities through a process that involves surgery and physiotherapy.
  11. This surgical procedure is used in cases of foals with flexural limb deformity secondary to contracture of the superficial digital flexor.
  12. These are particularly problematic if oral contraceptive use continues after conception, and ill-effects can include foetal limb deformities and heart defects.
  13. High doses of tetracyclines, much greater than used to treat bacterial infections, are used intravenously in foals to treat flexural limb deformities.
  14. Dwarfism, syndactyly, limb deformities, the curvature of the spine called scoliosis-- the list of deviations from the standard skeletal diagram is long and motley.
  15. Blindness resulting from corneal ulceration and scarring, and limb deformities due to arthritis and osteomyelitis were less common complications, seen in about 2 5 percent of cases.
  16. It wasn't until the 1960s was found that Thalidomide altered embryo development and led to limb deformities such as thumb absence, under development of entire limbs, or phocomelia.
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