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  1. Crucial to understanding limb darkening is the idea of optical depth.
  2. Larger telescopes, better optics, and limb darkening may have been factors.
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  4. They can thus probe the structure of the source and its limb darkening.
  5. The measured angular diameter of this star, after correcting for limb darkening, is.
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  7. The measured angular diameter of this star, after correction for limb darkening, is.
  8. An idealized case of limb darkening.
  9. The fact that the sun exhibits limb darkening in the visible region illustrates that it is not a Lambertian radiator.
  10. The limb darkening effect that the microwave radiometer detected was also present in the measurements by both channels of the infrared radiometer.
  11. The " ellipsoidal " pattern of light variation results from the limb darkening and gravity darkening of the star's surface.
  12. The study also noted that a limb darkening effect was present, a characteristic that may affect future atmospheric studies of the planet.
  13. In 1907 he claimed to observe limb darkening of Saturn's moon Titan, the first evidence that the body had an atmosphere.
  14. As another example, for the sun at 550 nm, the limb darkening is well expressed by " N " = 2 and
  15. The North North Temperate Region rarely shows more detail than the polar regions, due to limb darkening, foreshortening, and the general diffuseness of features.
  16. His papers focus on interplanetary matter ( meteors, comets ), limb darkening in stellar atmospheres, close binaries, novae, chemically peculiar stars and remote sensing.
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