ligairi in a sentence

  1. Ligairi denied that the firm was a threat to national security.
  2. Ligairi eventually became a part-time co-host.
  3. Ligairi has since been filming Plan 241 out-of-pocket .]
  4. Ligairi was raised in the Western United States.
  5. Fiji 18 ( Norman Ligairi 2 tries; Nicky Little 2 pen, con ).
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  7. Alfred Uluinayau replaced Ligairi while Koli Sewabu and Alivereti Mocelutu come into the Fijian backrow.
  8. Ligairi secured the bonus competition point with a brilliant solo effort in the 66th minute.
  9. Ligairi and Pyles lost those awards to themselves and their other show, Movie Podcast Weekly.
  10. Fullback Norman Ligairi and flankers Kitione Salawa and Sisaro Koyamaibole were dropped following the loss to France.
  11. Its founding officer Ilisoni Ligairi had also gained notoriety alongside his unit for participating in the mutinies.
  12. The prop ran wide and gave fullback Norman Ligairi an inside ball to score in the 21st minute.
  13. Coach John Boe has also named Seru Rubeni at fullback in place of his Fijian compatriot Norman Ligairi.
  14. Ligairi is to date the only Fijian to have scored two tries against the All Blacks in a game.
  15. The prop ran wide and gave Ligairi an inside ball and clear run at the line in the 21st minute.
  16. Fiji hit back with a superb individual effort by Norman Ligairi, who ran around Jonah Lomu and cut inside Cullen.
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