ligahoo in a sentence

  1. In the folklore of Trinidad and Tobago the "'Lagahoo "', Ligahoo or Lugarhou is a mythical shapeshifting monster.
  2. The " Ligahoo " or " Loup Garou " is a shape changer, a man who has power over nature and the capacity to change form to that of an animal.
  3. In Wayne Gerard Trotman's science fiction novel, " Veterans of the Psychic Wars ", Soraya Doyle, a Trinidadian character, repeatedly refers to a shapeshifting alien as a Ligahoo.
  4. In the novel " Kaya Abaniah and the Father of the Forest " by Wayne Gerard Trotman, a psychotic shapeshifter from another planet has been impersonating several of Trinidad and Tobago s folkloric characters, including Ligahoo.
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