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  1. Ligachyov opposed Yeltsin's idea that Party officials enjoyed greater privilege.
  2. Ligachyov served in the Politburo between 1985 and 1990.
  3. Having been defeated, Ligachyov left the Politburo and went into temporary retirement.
  4. Originally a prot間?of Mikhail Gorbachev, Ligachyov became a challenger to his leadership.
  5. Ligachyov was made head of the Secretariat.
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  7. Ligachyov became one of Gorbachev s primary critics, accused of leading a conservative faction.
  8. Ligachyov denied time and again that he was opposed to Gorbachev in sources including his memoirs.
  9. Perhaps the highlight of Ligachyov's career was the 28th Congress of the CPSU in 1990.
  10. Ligachyov released his memoirs, " Inside Gorbachev's Kremlin ", in 1996.
  11. After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ligachyov became a notable communist politician in the Russian Federation.
  12. Ligachyov's first major post was attained in 1961, when he began working in the CPSU Central Committee.
  13. Ligachyov's career began in his native Siberia and took him to some of the highest functions of the Party.
  14. Ligachyov was born on 29 November 1920 in a village called Dubinkino ( now the Chulymsky District ) in the Novosibirsk Oblast.
  15. Ligachyov joined the Communist Party at the age of 24 in 1944, later studying at the Higher Party School in 1951.
  16. During the Party Congress, Ligachyov challenged Gorbachev for the office of General Secretary, standing as the " Leninist " candidate.
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