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  1. Ligachev insisted that a comeback is possible.
  2. Dmitry Ligachev, 19, said.
  3. Along with Yegor Ligachev, Ryzhkov became a full rather than a candidate member of the General Secretary.
  4. Speaking at the CPSU conference in 1988, Yegor Ligachev stated : " Boris, you are wrong ".
  5. Yegor Ligachev, the architect of Gorbachev's anti-alcohol campaign, says a new crackdown is needed.
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  7. In April 1983 replaced the'irreplaceable'Yegor Ligachev as the First Secretary ( governor ) of Tomsk Region.
  8. At the 6th Plenary Session Ligachev delivered the first speech, the first time that Gorbachev had not done so himself.
  9. He criticized leading party conservatives Ligachev, Andrei Gromyko and Mikhail Solomentsev . In turn, conservative delegates attacked Gorbachev and the reformers.
  10. Yeltsin harshly criticized Yegor Ligachev, one of the party's top officials, and suggested a cult of personality was developing around Gorbachev.
  11. Several members of former Soviet governments were in the audience, including ex-ideology chief Yegor Ligachev and one-time Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov.
  12. Yegor Ligachev, a Secretariat member, said that the changes completely destroyed the Secretariat's hold on power and made the body almost superfluous.
  13. Following Yeltsin's death in 2007, Ligachev upheld his criticism by saying that what he told Yeltsin back then was right in his opinion.
  14. Andropov was in office briefly, but he appointed a number of reformers, including Yegor Ligachev, Nikolay Ryzhkov and Mikhail Gorbachev, to important positions.
  15. Yegor Ligachev, a Secretariat member, noted that the changes completely destroyed the Secretariat's hold on power, and made the body almost superfluous.
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