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  1. Described as a robust sauropod, its closest known relatives may be " Ligabuesaurus " and " Phuwiangosaurus ".
  2. Labocania-Laevisuchus-Lamaceratops-Lambeosaurus-Lametasaurus-Lanzhousaurus-Laosaurus-Laplatasaurus-Leaellynasaura-Leptoceratops-Liaoceratops-Liaoningosaurus-Ligabueino-Ligabuesaurus-Limaysaurus-Lirainosaurus-Loncosaurus-Lophorhothon-Losillasaurus-Luanchuanraptor-Lurdusaurus
  3. ""'Ligabuesaurus " "'is a genus of dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous ( Aptian to Albian specific name, " leanzai ", is dedicated to the geologist Dr . H閏tor A . Leanza, who discovered the skeleton.
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