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  1. Ilva Ligabue studied at the Milan Conservatory in the class of Marina in 1953.
  2. Ligabue later apologised for the problems.
  3. Italian singer Luciano Ligabue dedicated to the victims a song, inserted in his 2010 album,.
  4. He received even more money from the SIAE than popular Italian singers Vasco Rossi and Luciano Ligabue.
  5. In July 2007, he worked with Luciano Ligabue for recording a new song, " Niente paura ".
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  7. Ligabue soon gained fame as one of the most successful Italian rock stars, finding fans mainly among younger audiences.
  8. On 10 September 2005, Ligabue held a concert in Reggio Emilia to celebrate his first 15 years of activity.
  9. In 2008 and 2009, he conducted and orchestrated for the Notti In Arena shows by Italian rockstar Luciano Ligabue.
  10. Released as the album's lead single, the song was written by Ligabue, and produced by Corrado Rustici.
  11. Laura Pisu in 2010 appeared in Ligabue's music video for the single " Un Colpo All'Anima ".
  12. The others are unpublished songs . " There is always a song " written by Luciano Ligabue and dimentica ( Forget ).
  13. The album also includes a cover of the song " Piccola stella senza cielo ", written and originally performed by Luciano Ligabue.
  14. He also collaborated with another famous singer-songwriter, Francesco Guccini, who also had a part in Ligabue's first movie.
  15. In the summer of 2005, Elisa appeared at the Live 8 concert in Rome alongside Zucchero, Luciano Ligabue and other major Italian artists.
  16. In 1971 renowned art critic Paolo Ricci visited Garff's first sole exhibition in Naples and encouraged him by comparing his brush to that of Antonio Ligabue.
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