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  1. The package includes four nights'lodging, a three-day lift pass and airport transfers.
  2. There is a free day of skiing here on your lift pass.
  3. He could have had a nice meal and free ski-lift passes.
  4. At Vail, ski patrols have taken away lift passes from those skiing too fast.
  5. A seven-day lift pass is about $ 205, or less than $ 30 a day.
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  7. Lift passes cost extra but are affordable.
  8. A full-day lift pass runs $ 43.
  9. Lodging discounts and lift pass packages make March and April an ideal time to ski in Utah.
  10. A lift pass is $ 34.
  11. In Stubai, vendors stopped selling lift passes for the day in the early morning, the Austria Press Agency said.
  12. A full-day adult lift pass at Vail is $ 52 this season ( Aspen is charging $ 56 ).
  13. At some ski resorts, the wearer of an Access watch can purchase and download ski lift passes into the watch.
  14. Shuttle service also is available from most hotels to the three ski resorts and is included free with multiday lift passes.
  15. The cost is $ 56 per person, per night, for lodging at the Sun Valley Resort and a one-day lift pass.
  16. The resort provides a discounted lift pass to help backcountry users more easily access this terrain from Treble Cone s summit.
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