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  1. Then lift out the souffle dish or can without distorting the foil.
  2. "It's possible the market could get some lift out of the repo,"
  3. Lift out the screen and place inside several sheets of dry newspaper.
  4. With a fork, lift out cookies; arrange on a rack to dry.
  5. Lift out halibut pieces, shrimp and clams; arrange on a serving platter.
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  7. Opening a drawer, he lifts out a shell to make his point.
  8. Then lift out tomatoes from can and set on top of vegetables.
  9. Lift out with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.
  10. Using foil as handles, lift out and place on work surface.
  11. The posterior end lifts out of the water and forms a right angle.
  12. The center console, which lifts out, doubles as a beverage cooler.
  13. Lift out carefully and cool on racks until gingerbread is hard and cool.
  14. Very carefully lift out weights and foil; prick dough lightly with a fork.
  15. Johnny and Reed then catch a lift out of Glen Cove from Joey.
  16. Cool completely, then lift out of pan and peel away foil.
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