lift out of in a sentence

"lift out of" in Chinese  
  1. Cool completely, then lift out of pan and peel away foil.
  2. The posterior end lifts out of the water and forms a right angle.
  3. Johnny and Reed then catch a lift out of Glen Cove from Joey.
  4. I think we got a little bit of a lift out of our crowd.
  5. Lift out of pan onto cutting board.
  6. It's difficult to find lift out of in a sentence.
  7. Using foil as aid, lift out of pan and place on a work surface.
  8. In any case, Ms . Malfitano said she gets a cathartic lift out of the role.
  9. European markets got an extra lift out of the Fed's action because the dollar unexpectedly rallied.
  10. "It's possible the market could get some lift out of the repo,"
  11. The rubber stopper is the piece that lifts out of the drain hole when you pull the lever to flush a toilet.
  12. Whilst trying to hitch a lift out of the village, Ruby meets Riley Costello and Doug Carter and introduces herself as Alicia.
  13. "There were two of the corners that I didn't even lift out of the throttle all the way,"
  14. Hired to take her on outings, he becomes the only person she can talk to as she slowly lifts out of deep depression.
  15. We all so much wanted this to be a day that Ruth could lift out of memory and enjoy in the totality of its triumph.
  16. Lift out of pan as soon as they're cool enough to handle; if you wait too long, they'll stick.
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