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  1. The lift operator lever mechanism within the lift chamber has been dismantled.
  2. "Welcome the Olympics, are you kidding ? " said lift operator Yoshimasu Yokogawa.
  3. Hotel owners and ski-lift operators fear the situation will continue into the coming weeks.
  4. There were three lift operators who tried to fix the jammed lifts, he said.
  5. You should talk to the lift operator in your mansion.
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  7. Sometimes the lift operators let Bingo ride up instead.
  8. The lift operator brings him to the correct floor, and watches until he goes in.
  9. The crowds were thin, the lift operators friendly.
  10. The Italian ski-lift operator was killed, along with tourists from Italy, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Austria.
  11. Roger McCarthy, the chief operating officer at Breckenridge and Keystone, started as a lift operator at Whistler.
  12. It became a family-run affair in 1980 when Max de Wardener, a former chair-lift operator, bought it.
  13. Through those earlier years, Shaw found hundreds of jobs, from a store detective to a lift operator.
  14. That includes lift operators, ski school instructors, ski patrol members, lift mechanics and anyone who works with children.
  15. Ski-lift operator Haruhiko Oguchi said residents already had to make sacrifices to bring the games to their town.
  16. That's why I went back to work, " said Davis, a former fork lift operator who retired in 1985.
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