lift onto in a sentence

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  1. Carefully lift onto cookie sheets that have been sprayed with nonstick spray.
  2. Lift onto rolling pin and center over filling.
  3. With sturdy spatulas, lift onto platter.
  4. At four knots, the kayak lifts onto hydrofoils hidden beneath the water, reducing friction and gaining speed.
  5. Bouncing onto the dais, she is preceded by her Maltese, Sugar, whom she lifts onto her lap.
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  7. When bars are cold, use a spatula to lift onto a rack or plate, or serve directly from pan.
  8. Hundreds of doves were released into the open sky shortly before the pope was elevated by lift onto a rotating red podium.
  9. The advance reached the west side of the wood at and light signals directed the artillery to lift onto the east edge of Bernafay Wood.
  10. Ford uses his " electronic thumb " to hitch a lift onto one of the ships, taking Arthur with him, just moments before the Earth is destroyed.
  11. And as the pope was raised by a lift onto the wooden platform holding the papal alter, the crowd chanted : " You are at home ."
  12. On the 92nd Brigade front, the artillery was not to fire until zero hour, at which it would begin from Cadorna Trench for one minute and then lift onto the trench.
  13. They were traditionally used to qualify men for work on fishing boats, with the H醠fdr鎡tingur being the minimum weight a man would have to lift onto a ledge at hip-height to qualify.
  14. The twelve guns of the 4th RHA would fire on the initial objectives, then lift onto the second objective; the machine-guns and mortars on Ship Hill were to give covering fire once the infantry advanced.
  15. Lewinsky's brush with Southland media Tuesday began as soon as she landed at Los Angeles International Airport, where she was plucked from the plane by a disability lift onto the tarmac and whisked away, offering a pool of reporters only a glimpse.
  16. Inventor Dean Kamen created the iBOT, and says wheelchair users tell him another feature is as appealing : The chair lifts onto two wheels so that its occupant, although still sitting, is elevated enough to reach high bookshelves and carry on eye-level conversations with people standing nearby.
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