lift one in a sentence

"lift one" in Chinese  
  1. She lifts one of the pipes-inside which Crabtree is hiding-over the fence.
  2. It lifts one's spirits and makes you think of better things ."
  3. Then, make eye contact, lift one brow and let the flirting begin.
  4. Lift one leg back and up while keeping the knee straight.
  5. The company's baseline launcher design claimed to lift one metric ton to orbit.
  6. It's difficult to find lift one in a sentence.
  7. Lift one reached a height of while Lift 2 only reached in height.
  8. Additionally it will sway its entire body and then lift one leg vertically.
  9. When she tried to return the pallets, she could not lift one of them.
  10. At the sound of my voice she lifts one eyelid.
  11. The fun begins when he lifts one out.
  12. I watch the turtle lift one horrible leg
  13. The objective is to lift one's opponent off his feet while strictly adhering to the rules.
  14. This time, as Womack swung, Brennaman said calmly, " He lifts one into right field ."
  15. Rescue operations were slowed by the lack of a crane to lift one collapsed heap from another.
  16. Gently lift one lip with your finger.
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