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  1. The Soyuz is scheduled to lift off from Kazakhstan around April 26.
  2. NASA considered Sunday night the final opportunity to lift off this year.
  3. The rabbits then lift off successfully on their trip to the Moon.
  4. Carefully invert the plate and pan together and lift off the pan.
  5. Columbia is due to lift off in late September following similar repairs.
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  7. Sam Perkins provided a huge lift off the bench with 21 points.
  8. Koenig arrives at the Eagle and they lift off from the surface.
  9. Fill the container with water until the object lifts off the ground.
  10. Or did he just think about it and lift off the ground?
  11. Lift off in a Regal and the Regal just keeps rolling along.
  12. The flan pan will now be on top and should lift off.
  13. They lift off the ground like an airplane on takeoff roll.
  14. Seeing so many balloons at close range lift off at sunrise.
  15. They helped produce the most awesome weapon ever to lift off a runway.
  16. Some riders will actually lift off the slide when coming down.
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