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  1. In 1998, the Plymouth Voyager will have a redesigned lift gate latch.
  2. The barrier consists of two vertical lift gates, and in length.
  3. The barrier weighs and is operated as a turnover lift gate.
  4. Buyers can choose between a lift gate or a side-hinged rear cargo door.
  5. The uncontrolled concrete spillway with six vertical lift gates is capable of discharging.
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  7. The spillway is ogee-type concrete, with 4 vertical lift gates.
  8. The overflow ski-jump and bucket spillway with two vertical lift gates is capable of discharging.
  9. He had trouble securing the truck's hydraulic lift gate.
  10. There's no automatic lift gate release, either inside the vehicle or on the keyless entry fob.
  11. His work involving defective Chrysler minivan lift gate latches resulted in a $ 262.5 million jury verdict.
  12. This led to Ford switching to a more conventional one-piece lift gate design on the following generation.
  13. The lift gate of the Explorer, according to witnesses, is a lighter shade of green than the body.
  14. The lift gate of the Explorer, according to witnesses, is a lighter-green color than the rest of the vehicle.
  15. Accessible by the rear lift gate, which opens upward, the cargo area sits low for easy loading and unloading.
  16. The Grand Caravan has dual sliding side doors ( powered as an option ), and a powered up-and-down rear lift gate.
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