lift a finger in a sentence

"lift a finger" meaning  "lift a finger" in Chinese  
  1. He can have a conversation without ever having to lift a finger.
  2. One hardly has to lift a finger to get through the day.
  3. "He ( Harper's father ) didn't lift a finger to help me,"
  4. The uniformed people did not lift a finger to stop these people.
  5. They don't refuse to even lift a finger unless they get compensation.
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  7. "He didn't lift a finger for us, didn't want us to win.
  8. "Pius XII didn't lift a finger to save the millions who died,"
  9. Banks will not lift a finger to help these new businessmen.
  10. With two wives, he never had to lift a finger around the house.
  11. "He'll make a pronouncement, file a bill, then doesn't lift a finger ."
  12. Nine years later and still nobody will lift a finger to rewrite it.
  13. Yet you won't lift a finger to help shore it up.
  14. So why should I lift a finger to save affirmative action?
  15. Sam had only to lift a finger and push one button to answer.
  16. Milosevic didn't lift a finger as Croatia's army retook most rebel Serb-held territory.
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