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  1. In 1992, Emory University opened its Gay and Lesbian Student Life office.
  2. In 1982, Guloien became a fellow of the Life Office Management Institute.
  3. The Respect Life Office has coordinated several pro-life initiatives in the Chicago area.
  4. The Greek life office is located in the Gantt Center for Student Life.
  5. Long-term financial strength is a critical feature of any life office,
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  7. RHC works closely with the Residence Life office and in correlation with ASAPU.
  8. Closure of the Friends Life office, the second largest employer, was announced in 2015.
  9. He resigned his post in the student life office to take the Dallas job.
  10. The city's skyline, most notably the Tower Life office building, pops out from behind trees.
  11. The National Learning for Life office administers college scholarships for eligible Explorers, based on written applications.
  12. The life office then traded as Progressive Life.
  13. Representatives from the Tempe Police Department and campus Student Life office speak to male and female athletes.
  14. Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell told the hundreds of supporters who jammed an auditorium in the Atlanta Life offices.
  15. John Woolsey, director of the Family Life Office of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, said Wednesday.
  16. Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, now 96, did not return a message left at his Life office in New York.
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