life of wu xun in a sentence

  1. Shortly after its release, however, " The Life of Wu Xun " was personally denounced by Mao Zedong.
  2. In order to criticize " The Life of Wu Xun ", Jiang Qing and her followers went to Shandong to do research.
  3. Zheng was a member of Art Commission of Shanghai Film Studio, and used to support the making of " The Life of Wu Xun ".
  4. Due to the criticism of " The Life of Wu Xun ", Shanghai Film Studio hoped " Song Jingshi " would redeem its political mistakes.
  5. An uproar in 1950 led to the investigation of " The Life of Wu Xun ", a film about a 19th-century beggar who raised money to educate the poor.
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  7. Sun's last major work, " The Life of Wu Xun " was made with the Kunlun Film Company and starred one of the top actors of the day, Zhao Dan, in the titular role.
  8. His career took a turn for the worse after the Communist victory in 1949 . In " The Life of Wu Xun ", Sun Yu's big-budget biographical picture of the titular Qing Dynasty Chinese cinema.
  9. They made approximately 47 films during this period, but soon ran into trouble, owing to the furore over the Kunlun-produced drama " The Life of Wu Xun " ( 1950 ), directed by Sun Yu and starring veteran Zhao Dan.

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