life of william blake in a sentence

  1. Rossetti transcribed the notes for Alexander Gilchrist's " The Life of William Blake ", an early biography on Blake.
  2. Adrian Mitchell drew Mike Westbrook in for his musical " Tyger " on the life of William Blake for the Royal National Theatre.
  3. Before the publication of Alexander Gilchrist's " Life of William Blake " in 1863, Malkin's book was the principal means of public knowledge of Blake's poetry.
  4. It was first published in 1863 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti in his edition of Blake's poems, which formed the second volume of Alexander Gilchrist's posthumous " Life of William Blake ".
  5. The " "'Life of William Blake,  Pictor Ignotus .  With selections from his poems and other writings " "'is a two volume work on the English painter and poet William Blake, first published in 1863.
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  7. He was also an essayist and art critic; an article on Blake ( in the form of a review of Alexander Gilchrist's " Life of William Blake " ), which appeared in the January 1869 issue of the " Quarterly Review ", influenced and advanced recognition of Blake's artistic importance.
  8. Thomas Wright's 1928 book " Life of William Blake " ( entirely devoted to Blake's doctrine of free love ) notes that Blake thinks marriage should " in practice " afford the joy of love, but notes that in reality it often does not, as a couple's knowledge of being chained often diminishes their joy.

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