life of wilfrid in a sentence

  1. Wulfhere's relationship with Bishop Wilfrid is recorded in Stephen of Ripon's " Life of Wilfrid ".
  2. Only the existence of other sources such as the " Life of Wilfrid " make it clear what Bede discreetly avoids saying.
  3. Stephen of Ripon's " Life of Wilfrid " describes Wulfhere as " a man of proud mind, and insatiable will ".
  4. The last section, detailing events after the Gregorian mission, Goffart feels were modelled on Stephen of Ripon's " Life of Wilfrid ".
  5. The last section, detailing events after the Gregorian mission, Goffart asserts were modelled on Stephen of Ripon's " Life of Wilfrid ".
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  7. The life of Wilfrid Douglas has been recorded in a book by his son Rob Douglas, " He Speaks our Language " ( 2014, Ark House Press)
  8. Stephen s goal in writing could simply have been to describe the community s feelings on the holiness and goodness of the life of Wilfrid, whom they had known personally.
  9. In 704, 苩helred abdicated to become a monk and abbot at Bardney, leaving the kingship to his nephew Life of Wilfrid " shows 苩helred summoning Coenred to him and advising him to make peace with Wilfrid.
  10. His followers commissioned Stephen of Ripon to write a " Vita Sancti Wilfrithi " ( or " Life of Wilfrid " ) shortly after his death, and the medieval historian Bede also wrote extensively about him.
  11. Much of the " current " history in the " Historia " is concerned with Wilfrid, who was a bishop in Northumbria and whose stormy career is documented not only in Bede's works, but in a " Life of Wilfrid ".
  12. Bede would also have been familiar with more recent accounts such as Eddius Stephanus's " Life of Wilfrid ", and anonymous " Lives " of Gregory the Great and Cuthbert . and there was a copy of the " Liber Pontificalis " in Bede's monastery.
  13. Wilfrid's association with C鎑walla may have benefited him in other ways : the " Life of Wilfrid " asserts that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Theodore, expressed a wish that Wilfrid succeed him in that role, and if this is true it may be a reflection of Wilfrid's association with C鎑walla's southern overlordship.
  14. This friendship was recorded in the account of Wilfrid s life in the Vita S . Wilfridi, cc . 5 and 53 as well as the Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum V 19 . [ He is noted in the most famous account of the life of Wilfrid written by Eddius Stephanus titled Vita S . Wilfridi, which was later paraphrased by St . Bede in the year 731 . ] The translated piece mentioned that Wilfrid learned of " Paschal calculation, with the schismatics of which Britain and Ireland were not acquainted with " Bede expands on this point to mention that Wilfrid also learned of " other things suitable to ecclesiastical learning, which he could not have learned in his own country, " and the same document states that a man who is referred to as Archdeacon Boniface taught him this.

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