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  1. Brian Clowes works for Human Life International, a rabidly anti-abortion political organization.
  2. But Human Life International has by far the most extensive network.
  3. Joining in was an anti-abortion campaigner from Miami, Jacqueline Debs of Human Life International.
  4. Pharmacists for Life International : http : / / www . pfli . org
  5. Catholic group Family Life International set up a website for boycotting CanWest's other advertisers.
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  7. Pharmacists for Life International disagrees, saying there are times when pharmacies should not dispense medication.
  8. And Human Life International isn't exactly a reliable publisher.
  9. In December 2000, he became president of the pro-life organization Human Life International ( HLI ).
  10. Bird Life International has identified the reserve as an Important Bird Area ( IBA ) bird reserve.
  11. In 2001, Bird Life International assessed avifauna of ninety species of which thirty-eight species are exclusively endemic.
  12. It has recently been used to house the Metro Life International Church and Scotty's Food and Cookies.
  13. The material comes from Human Life International, a Maryland-based Catholic group on a global crusade against abortion.
  14. He thereafter was the bureau chief in Rome for Time-Life International in 1947 then in Berlin in 1948.
  15. Texas stocks declined, led by Foxmeyer Health Corp ., Nutrition For Life International Inc . and Software Spectrum Inc.
  16. Nutrition For Life International Inc . shares climbed 1 9 / 16, or 10.6 percent, to 16 1 / 4.
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