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  1. His widow, Anne, was allowed to retain a life interest in Penkridge.
  2. A person with a life interest is known as a life tenant.
  3. Mrdhimas has a real life interest in the organisation of beauty pageants.
  4. The answer is, only if the job matches their deeply embedded life interests.
  5. He left a life interest in Holywell to Chief Justice Sir Robert Catlyn.
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  7. Lawrence Washington's widow Ann had a life interest in the Little Hunting Creek plantation.
  8. Henry was, however, granted a life interest in these possessions.
  9. Reflecting Jolie's real-life interest in promoting humanitarian relief, the film was critically and financially unsuccessful.
  10. The defendant's life interest was worth ten years'purchase.
  11. His estate was left in trust for a nephew, subject to the life interest of his widow.
  12. Life interests start showing themselves in childhood.
  13. They did not take the vow of poverty and they could hold a life interest in property.
  14. Megaw LJ held that Mrs Evans had rather an equitable life interest, more than a contractual licence.
  15. Helen's death resulted in the'termination of life interest'and the artworks remaining with her were sold in April 1925.
  16. Job sculpting begins when managers identify each employee's life interests, and that might include a change in assignment.
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