life insurance settlement in a sentence

  1. Page founded Lifeline in 1989, making him an originator of the life insurance settlement industry.
  2. He is a former president of the National Viatical Association, now known as the Life Insurance Settlement Association.
  3. Her mother subsequently worked as a hotel chambermaid, but was unable to support her entire family without a life insurance settlement from her husband's death.
  4. A constant theme in her work is economic valuation of the sacred, as found in such contexts as life insurance settlements and economic transactions between sexual intimates.
  5. Roy Sells, for example, says he received a dlrs 25, 000 life insurance settlement and still gets about dlrs 1, 000 a month in worker's compensation.
  6. It's difficult to find life insurance settlement in a sentence.
  7. Barton lost as much as $ 450, 000 gambling on Internet stocks in the past year, ventures financed by money he obtained from his first wife's life insurance settlement and possibly by tapping into a trust fund set up for his two children, according to family members and police.

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