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  1. And among all kinds of reserves , life insurance reserve is the most central part
  2. Because of this , this chapter defines liability , reserve , and life insurance reserve . and following , the
  3. Generally , life insurance reserve is one kind of reserves distilled by the insurers for unwashed - up obligation of life insurance
  4. As a result of above , calculating , distilling and management of life insurance reserve is very important to an insurance of life and its investors , the insured , and the supervisor
  5. Essentially , life insurance reserve is a liability . on one hand , it is central subject of life insurance accounting , and on the other hand , it is the direct base of solvency to an insurance company of life
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  7. This article tries to find out shortcomings in the institution of calculating and distilling and management of life insurance reserve by the way of comparative study between china and the america
  8. Life insurance reserve is accumulated by insurance premium in order to perform insurance obligation unperformed , and is one kind of insurance fund in special money form , which is distilled for payment in future

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