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  1. According to this theory, Eros or the Life instinct ).
  2. On the other hand, the life instinct is the cause of friendship, love, reproduction.
  3. Freud, divided human instincts into two categories : death instinct ( Thanatos ) and life instinct ( Eros ).
  4. The id " knows no judgements of value : no good and evil, no morality . . . . Instinctual eros or the life instincts.
  5. Cahill carried out innumerable crimes, big and small, and he cheerfully used bombs and threats _ as well as refined low-life instincts _ to keep himself out of jail during most of his long criminal career.
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  7. From the conservative, restorative character of instinctual life, Freud derived his death drive, with its " pressure towards death ", and the resulting " separation of the death instincts from the life instincts " seen in Eros.
  8. It is also the basis for the child perceiving goodness in others and herself . " The sense of an object being available and freely given arouses care, consideration and gratitude for the object itself as part of the life instinct . " ( Hinshelwood 1989)
  9. Sigmund Freud with his psychoanalytic projects, in " The Ego and the Id " ( 1923 ), speculates that sexual satisfaction by orgasm make Eros ( " life instinct " ) exhausted and leaves the field open to Thanatos ( " death instinct " ), in other words, with orgasm Eros fulfills its mission and gives way to Thanatos.

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